3 Reasons Texas Is Becoming California

3 Reasons Texas Is Becoming California

You have probably seen it on a billboard, bumper sticker, or poster: “Don’t California My Texas!” While this is a sentiment I agree with in principle, it doesn’t quite pass the smell test. What I mean is, I don’t think the movement toward a politically liberal stance is brought on by immigrants from California. There are at least 3 reasons Texas is becoming more politically liberal and I hope we can agree to stem the tide by taking action on at least these 3 reasons.

Reason 1 Texas is becoming California: Taking Christian beliefs out of schools.

The constitution of the United States in the bill of rights, has been interpreted in several court cases concerning the establishment of religion, exercise of religion and many more. While this article today is not an attempt to enumerate all of the court cases, it is my opinion that, by removing prayer and bible reading or study from public schools has left a void of training in the reliance on a higher power. The study and knowledge of this higher power gives mankind the guidance of being part of a society that is not there for ones self, but for the betterment of all. The argument of this position being conservative or liberal can be debated till the cows come home and not necessarily to a conclusion of agreement. One thing that is clear is: if charity is force by government (welfare, equal rights, etc.) and not by a heart yearning to do what is right without decree, society is more apt to corrupt the intent of charity.

Reason 2 Texas is becoming California: Godless learning permeates public education

In a movement to stand firmly in the position of removing prayer and bible study from public schools, educators, text publishers, and universities moved rapidly and strongly to the diametric stance. This counter-position chose to deny bible study principles, mock prayer and proponents of prayer and to allow the EXTREME minority to become the majority voice in such matters. This caused many ‘good Christians’ to take the stance of “Well, it’s what the courts ruled, so we have to do it.” This weak position without opposition further emboldened those that would remove God and a spiritual belief to increase their influence in such matters. Today’s public universities and schools of higher learning openly mock Christians and conservative thought without much backlash. The young minds that Texas parents send to college are mushed easily by these domineering and hate filled professors, and only the strong-minded student whose foundation was developed by a well developed belief systems, survive the brain washing.

Reason 3 Texas is becoming California: They are moving to Texas and acting like they’re in California

The assumption has been that Texas is becoming more liberal because more liberals are moving here and still acting liberal. While that belief may carry a lot of water, we have to understand that reasons 1 and 2, perpetrated by our own over the past couple of generations, have paved the way for good Texans to surrender established Texas beliefs and understanding. As the more politically active people move in, get their residence established, and enter the public arena, they are more likely to go to their base belief system to “help us see the light.” While their ideas SOUND good, a complete understanding of the destruction liberal ideas to our Texas life is necessary to help Texas to not turn into California.

What can we do to keep Texas from becoming California

This isn’t a church promotion article, but you as a good Texan need to ‘lift your eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh your help.’ I’d say we need to read the bible and fervently pray. About the fervent prayer, don’t let grace at meal time be the only time to talk with God.

Be active in your children’s education. If you don’t feel qualified to debate a questionable topic, seek out someone who is. There are more people who hold the Texas beliefs than you think. We’re not being overtaken without a fight. Many will take the battle with you.

Help your new neighbors. Let them know that we’re glad they’re here to help us and we are here to help them. Show them the real Texas way, and the ideas of California, New York or even Pakistan can be corrected into a way of real love and peace: The Texas Way.


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