5 Popular Party Games for School-Age Kids



A birthday party’s success doesn’t only depend on the food you serve or the kids party entertainment. It is also determined on how you provide an incredible time for the guests by keeping them occupied with high-spirited games.

Here are easy party games which will click with school-aged children.

Animal Antics

This is best played at the start of the party, to get the guests to mingle with each other. You will whisper an animal to two kids until everyone gets to have their assigned animal. On your signal, everyone will act out the animal’s action to find their partner.

Balloon Round Up

Fill the room with balloons then ask the guests to place as many balloons as they can inside a box without using their hands. You’ll surely have fun looking at the kids’ strategies to put the balloon inside the box.

Suitcase Relay

Prepare two suitcases or overnight bags, and fill them with costumes and articles of clothing like hats, caps, wigs, sunglasses, overalls and blazers. Divide the group into two. When the music starts to play, instruct each team to let their first player run to the suitcase and put on all the items inside the suitcase. The player can only run back to the others once he/she takes off all the items. The first team to have all their players finish will be declared as the winners.


This game will allow the guests to be silly. They will sit in a circle and will appoint a guesser to leave the room. The remaining kids will then choose a leader who will set the action for the round. Once the leader is chosen the guesser will be asked to come back into the room to guess who the leader of the group. All the kids will start clapping, as the leader will change the action they will swiftly copy it. The guesser must be able to guess who the leader is.


Aside from movies, phrases or things have the kids act out daily routines or actions that are familiar to them. You can divide the group into two teams or play it as one big group.