Best Fishing Spots in Dallas

Fishing is a hobby that seems to attract more and more people.hqdefault But beginners are sometimes at a loss of the perfect spot to go fishing in Dallas.

Below are some tips you need to know and consider in search for the best place to go fishing.

On a cool weather in Texas, most fish are likely to be caught in the shallower portions of a lake. White Rock lake is a good spot for this kind of weather, where the water is flat near the shore. This is where bass usually feeds on smaller baitfish in the fall and spring season. The spinner bait is ideal bait for this type of situation; its shallow diving reaction will enable it to cover a wider range of area in the water. It can also excellently imitate the movement of small baitfish.
If you want to catch larger fish, Lake Ray Hubbard is the best place to go to. The lake is known to consistently produce large fish. These fish mostly position themselves directly to the right or left of underwater points, which is a good spot to ambush their prey. The best way to catch these fish is by using a Carolina right, which has a weight at one point of the line and the bait placed a foot back, which allows the bait to be suspended off the bottom to entice the fish to bite it.

Lake Lewisville
 is another perfect spot, especially for beginner 66528077_4dc187b0d5_oangler. The lake has a good quantity of fish to catch, varying from hand-size bluegills up to the enormous twenty pound stripers. The lake provides ease for a beginner angler in catching the fish. The best technique used in this lake is using a minnow and a bobber, which will allow the angler to relax will fishing.

To catch some cat fish from 5 pounds to as heavy as 25 pounds, you can go to Lake Grapevine. Most of the catfish are found in the deeper waters of the lake, with depths ranging from 15 feet all over the lake up to 30 feet deep in dams and the center of the lake. Catfish are bottom feeders, which mean they stay at the bottom of the lake to search for anything they could eat. They are considered the garbage truck of the lake. The technique to catch these bottom feeders consists of a large weight with a large hook with a dead fish or bait sitting on the bottom for a long period of time, to wait for a fish to swim by and take the bait. This will create anticipation making it more exciting for the fish to take the line.

There are also some private lakes in Dallas which are a good fishing spot. But getting in can be a bit hard and once you’re in, you have to consider a lot of things before you can start fishing. If the lake is deep, the bait you must use should go down to a deeper water column. The deep diving crankbait is perfect for a lake with deep water since they are able to provide extreme amounts of action and can mimic a baitfish very well. If the lake water is shallow, going for cover would be the best strategy. You can use trees and rocks for cover underneath the water.  A jig will fit perfectly at this water level. Jigs can also resemble crawfish, which will attract any bass, since they consider the crawfish a delicious treat.

With this knowledge on the perfect fishing spot that Dallas has to offer, all that’s left for you to do is get your fishing lines and hit the lake to catch those fish.