I am Texas. I am America.

The great beauty of a proud state is in its people and in the roots of its character.  It is also in its sense of idealism.  For no matter how far current policy and practice of the country have strayed from the attributes that were part of her founding vision, no matter how much America has deceased in being the hope for all people, and no matter how far she has departed from her moral center, she remains, in the end, a nation built on the ideals that gave her birth.

These ideals were infused into the hearts of the founders at the time of America’s beginnings, fostered by the Realms of Light that watch over each nation, and implanted into the receptive hearts of those who sought freedom and embraced hope.  These higher Realms who guard the world and who insure the steady progression of humanity toward greater liberty and self-expression, strengthened the impulse toward freedom and democracy that burned so brightly within the hearts and minds of those who sought to establish a new republic.  Though overshadowed in many respects today, this impulse  continues to burn brightly within America’s deepest heart.

For America’s heart is not to be found in her present policies and tendencies.  It is not to be found in her present practices concerning other nations.  Rather it is to be found in the people themselves who live in small cities and towns, in large cities with busy streets, in spread out farming communities that grow food for a nation, and in all the many places in which life continues in the richness and diversity that has always characterized American life.

All that is noble about America remains in her heart, and yet her heart has become more separated from her outer behavior than ever before.  And so those who seek to remain faithful to America’s heart must remain in a period of mourning until such time as she can restore to herself the natural goodness that has been part of her heritage and outlook on the world, replacing the greed and self-interest that has so much become part of her present relationship with others.

This return to the moral goodness that remains within the heart of America shall happen inevitably, for it is not possible for a nation to entirely abandon its spiritual destiny.  And yet in the meantime, there is much pain that has resulted from this wandering away from her center – both to those who have been disenfranchised at the hands of America’s policies, and to those who watch on the sidelines, observing a course of action being taken that is distressing, yet feeling unable to significantly alter it.

Nevertheless, America’s heart remains safe within her people.  It remains the promise of hope and opportunity for all.  It remains the source of generosity toward all and the wish that all be able to pursue the life that they desire and have chosen. This generosity of spirit, this wish for freedom and for the pursuit of happiness for all, characterizes America’s heart and spirit.  However clouded over it may be at present, the time of its return to a central place in America’s relations with others will be, for the heart of America is carried on wings of light, and shall be protected from all that would diminish it or undermine its existence.

God bless Texas, and God Bless America!


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