Lucky Seven Tips for Surviving Entrepreneurs

Lucky Seven Tips for Surviving Entrepreneurs


More than a great idea and important connections, to be a successful entrepreneur is not an easy task.  Well, here are seven tips to help you survive the life of a new entrepreneur.

Learn to say no

You are probably used to say yes to all requests and tasks in your company that shows that you are dependable and hardworking employee. However for starters in entrepreneurship, agreeing to and doing everything just isn’t possible because of the time-constrained entrepreneurial schedule. More importantly, as an entrepreneur, you need to set the agenda and set your main priorities.

Forget about perfection

The longer you wait for every detail to be just right, the slower your business will move. That makes perfectionism not an asset in entrepreneurship. Focus on the high-impact, high-priority items, to keep things done.

Don’t be afraid of long hours

The typical entrepreneur usually finds that he or she needs to work longer hours than back at the office. Yes you’re working for longer hours but you’re missing the point of working more hours in someone’s company. Remember that you’re working to build your own dream, not someone else’s.

Get ready to wear multiple hats

Different from being a company employee, being in your own means you have to do some of these not so attractive tasks from tech support one hour to sales and marketing the next, and accounting, even cleaning.  You should accept this reality or not starting your business at all.

Cope with the social isolation

Starting your own way means you have to stop relying on other people for many important tasks. It can be quite a shock for the first few weeks of being on your own especially working out of your home.

In order to combat this social isolation, you should do the following:


  • Keep in touch with former colleagues.
  • Work from a coffee shop for a few hours.
  • Find a shared office or co-working space
  • Attend lots of local networking events.

Stick to a schedule

Well, many professionals choose self-employment because of the strict and arbitrary schedule of their companies. Therefore you can decide what kind of schedule is suited for your own business and personal life as well. Keeping a resemblance of a schedule will help you stay disciplined and be more productive.

Create an entrepreneur fund

From a salaried employee to an entrepreneur wondering when your next check will come in, it’s better to save sufficient money for your new venture.   With your intact financial support, you can focus your energy on building your new business, rather than worry about how you are going to pay the bills.