Personal Injury: Looking at Causes of Road Accidents

personal injuryPersonal injury have been found to be among the results of many hazards in drivers of passenger vehicles in Texas. Accidents  proved to be really catastrophic and 18-wheeler trucks topped the list of those that caused them. You can just imagine the size of these 18-wheelers. Even though there is a law that governs commercial trucking businesses, stricter laws must be imposed to prevent future untoward road incidents to happen.

Commercial drivers who hold Class-A licenses have to observe specific rest periods in the course of their job. The category of this type of license involves drivers of 18-wheeled vehicles. Mileage records have to be updated every shift.

It is unfortunate to note that due to meeting deadlines, the possibility of putting safety next to security of tenure becomes apparent. The set of laws that govern 18-wheeler vehicles have been made specific and have not been limited to weight restrictions and driver logs. All factors included in the rules and regulations can influence compensation amount that is due to any person.

It has been noted that commercial traffic at interstate 35 in the recent years has surged and the effects it had was quite confounding. Driver fatigue found to have garnered 30% of all 18-wheeler truck accidents according to the US Department of Transportation.

A personal injury as a result of one of these accident types are usually life threatening, altering, and require a long period of stay in the hospital. Rehabilitation periods may also take a good number of days, months or years. Medical bills are mostly sky-high.

Having been involved in serious accidents like that of 18-wheelers does not warrant you to deal with a deal with insurance companies all by yourself. Trucking companies can dispatch their own defense teams as soon as an accident happens involving their units. They can try to alter evidences in their favor. You will then be pressured to agree to their terms, an offer that would be much lower than what your insurance company is bound to pay you.

There are too many stories of bad drivers and bad accidents in Texas. You wouldn’t want this to happen, would you?